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Description of our brand
The Yeremyshyna brand pushes all the limits by being brave and innovative, and defining beauty in individuality. Combining and mixing styles is a recognizable signature of our brand.
Live, breath and feel the Yeremyshyna atmosphere! You can be anyone you want to be, nobody can stop you. Be motivated to be yourself and accept who you are as an individual.

Description of our collection
The “ME” Generation summer collection 2019/2020 was inspired by the 1970s concept of narcissism by Tom Wolfe, interest in oneself. Our mix of styles creates a fashion that challenges social norms. The collection shows that different silhouettes can be combinable to make something beautiful for somebody who appreciates artistic details: such as lace applique, beautiful trims, bright colours, and prints.

Uniqueness of our brand and current collection
The attention to each garment is very important, it’s like creating a painting, it takes time and planning. Our goal is to explain that the Yeremyshyna brand, is not just a fast fashion, our collection is composed of hand-crafted pieces that you can keep in your wardrobe and wear any time, or for any occasion. Why do you want to be like everybody else? Be different and brave in your outfit. You can tell any story you want by wearing our outfits and you can be interesting to others.
We create made-to-order clothing to fit specific body types, we can also create one of a kind pieces that can be specialized for any event. We are proud to produce our clothing ranges in South Africa and contribute to the economy. We strive to be likable and attractive to young sociable clients and tourists, so that we can be on the top of the ‘brands and stores to visit’ list.

My biggest dream is to pursue my passion and create beautiful clothing with the Yeremyshyna style.
Our brand is not like other clothing brands that over embellish their clothing, instead we strive to be the life-style brand, one you can follow and live. Moreover, our style lets you feel unique and special, and like the most beautiful person in the world.
By combining many different styles and inspirations we make clothing that is meaningful to their owners. The excitement of life and adventure can bring the spirit of loving life to you and everybody around. Our ideal is to help you love and accept who you are and inspire you to help others to do the same.
We have a big future and the potential to become a worldwide recognized clothing brand. We also donate to local communities and try to make the world a better place.