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Ask anyone, Wendy’s Smoothy Bar quarantees consistent quality and will always remain the freshest, coolest and fruit bursting experience as you indulge in one of our Smoothies or Krushers at Root44! Our years of experience in the industry resulted in our smoothies now being legendary and each customer has their favourite! Truth be told, their favourite for the time of day as our regulars and traders often visit us up to three even four times a day, but we’re not counting!

Our wide range menu offers 30+ dairy and non dairy drinks, from our 100 percent fruit and no added sugar Mixed berry to our kid’s and dad’s pick of White Chocolate and Oreo from our decadent range (personally I love the Iced Coffee – reason enough to take a drive and visit us). Smoothie drinks, made with fruit, fruit juice and pulp spun with ice,  caters for every taste sensation you want from our early Park Run runner’s favourite Peanut butter smoothie packed with protein, made with peanut butter, ice cream, banana, and sweetened with honey to our ladies preferred Virgin mojito: Lemon & fresh Mint smoothie, perfect for late afternoons as you relax to the band’s entertainment on the lawns….

Known for its healing powers Pomegranate juice is high in anti oxidants and brimming with Vitamin C, so if you’re suffering from too much indulgence or simply want to put the purest natural preservative free drink into your body, you will love our frozen Pomegranate juice or Pomegranate smoothie blended with ice and 5 fruits.

Our Krushers are thirst quenching on a Stellenbosch Berg wind hot day….freshly squeezed juices served on crushed ice. The Ginger Zing, Cranberry Cooler, Berry Blaze, Tropical Infusion and Apple Zest all compete for first place…. It’s all your choice and we’re ready to serve.

You’re visiting Stellenbosch surrounded by magestic mountains and strawberry farms so by having a Strawberry smoothie you would possibly be having the most authentic drink, but the bright yellow Orange & Mango next to it does tempt! Root44 is all about the experience, family and friends. We’re grateful for your support and look forward to serving you!