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The name Saville derived from a  history of owning a family food business in Saville Street in the heart of Durban.

Being involved in the family business, my family set the trend of being in the food business. Serving and liaising with customers from 5 years old created a natural love and flair for Indian food and forging a customer relationship.

I am extremely grateful to be part of Root 44 market, specialising in authentic GUJERATI Indian cuisine particularly lamb curry, prawn curry, butter chicken curry and beans and potato curry, served with rice, roti and salads. We have a huge variety of snacks, such as samosas, half moons, spring rolls, chilli bites and patha puri. Our bunny chows has become a very popular dish on our menu, particularly on a Sunday for a hearty lunch.

We also sell delicious sauces and chutneys that go well with all sorts of food. We have a large variety of spice blends and fresh red masala paste, including a recipe booklet that we offer for purchasing spices.

Food is symbolic of love. Who needs a silver fork to eat good food. With authentic Indian just use your hands and delight yourself!