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The Lemon Curd Lady

Over 10 years ago, my neighbour gave me a huge bag of Lemons, scratching my head as what to do with them all, my Daughter suggested that I made some Lemon Curd. I dug around for my Grannies recipe & the rest is history. After working on the markets for 6 months I so enjoyed the vibe & people that I gave up my full time job & became a full time trader. A decision I have never regretted, it’s so wonderful to speak to people from all over the world, watch children grow up & make friends.

My products are all preservative & additive free & I only use the best ingredients available. I now have quite a large range of products, which I will list

Lemon Curd ingredients, butter, eggs, sugar & pure lemon juice no additives or preservatives.

Moroccan spiced preserved lemons ingredients, lemon, lemon juice, cumin, coriander, cardamom, chilies, grape vinegar & sugar.


Lemonade homemade low sugar no additives or preservatives

Cranberry no sugar added, also sold as a cordial

Granadilla no sugar added also sold as a cordial

Mango / Orange no sugar added also sold as a cordial

Ginger Beer just like Oumas


Now that winter is on its way, I will be selling my homemade cup of soup, each week will be a different variety, but all will be vegetarian & fresh.